Comedian Rants On Sushi Going The Momo Way In Delhi. Internet Erupts

Listen up, sushi lovers. Comedian Gaurav Kapoor has issued a warning in your interest. In a hilarious video that Mr Kapoor shared on Instagram, he says that he noticed a new “trend” in the market and it has got to do with the Japanese delicacy. In a rant session of sorts, delivered in Hindi, Mr Kapoor gives social media users a glimpse of the various forms sushi could take if allowed to thrive in the local eateries of West Delhi. The dish traditionally consists rice and a range of ingredients such as vegetables, meat and seafood, all usually served raw. However, all this could change very quickly, Mr Kapoor warns and you could be treated to variants of the dish such as tandoori sushi and gravy sushi, to name a few.
With “folded hands,” Mr Kapoor requests the “stakeholders and connoisseurs” of sushi to prevent the dish from being sold in West Delhi. “Maine ek naya chalan dekh liya hai market ke andar. Logon ko sushi pasand aani shuru ho gayi hai. Toh duniya mein jitne bhi sushi ke stakeholders hai, connoisseurs hai, unse haath jod ke request hai ki, tumhare sushi ko Vikaspuri aane se rok lena (I have seen this new trend that people have developed a liking for Sushi. I request all stakeholders of Sushi to prevent the dish from being sold in Vikaspuri),” he said.

To drive the point home further, the comedian reminds viewers of another dish, momo, which met a similar fate when it landed on the menus of local restaurants two decades ago.

Warning the people of Japan, he has even shared a list of potential hilarious sushi varieties that could soon be available. In the caption, he wrote, “Sushi menu in West Delhi – Tandoori Sushi, Malai Sushi, Kurkure Sushi, Shahi Sushi, Chat Masala Sushi.”

Social media users could not stop raving about the hilarious video and flooded the comment section with laughing emoticons. Chef Saransh Goila was spotted making a sushi-related pun while praising the video. He wrote, “Hahahaah! Kaafi sushi-l aur sundar warning (Quite a decent and lovely warning).”

The post also made its way to Twitter, where several users were seen agreeing with Mr Kapoor’s warning.

One of them admitted, “North Indians are over creative when it comes to food.”

While this user made a case for Masala Dosa, another sympathised with the fate pasta had met in some creative kitchens.