2000 - July Month of Tutorials

The ACS Robotics SIG will be offering an whole month of tutorials during July from beginners to advanced.

Andrew McCubbin has kindly donated his time to organising these tutorials.

It is FREE so come along and learn some great robotic / electronic techniques.

Where Andrew's House
1 Naomi Crt
Rochedale 4123

Directions :
Heading out from the city, if you get off the SE Freeway at the Springwood Exit and turn LEFT at IKEA, you will be on Springwood RD.
2-300 Meters up Springwood RD is DONNA AVE.
I am 200m down Donna Ave on the Crn of Naomi Crt.

Time Starts at 1:00pm

Date Topics
9th July 2000
. CAD software for PCB drafting - Easytrax (a FREE PCB layout tool)
. Common design rules and dimensions for copper layout.
. Making sure things fit.
. Avoiding most noise problems.
. Theory of photographic PCB manufacture methods.
. Practical demonstration of Tonner Transfer Method.
16th July 2000
. LDRs
. What a PIN photo diode is. How you sense the reverse current.
. How an opto interupter works.
. How a basic unmodulated white line sensor works.
. What modulating a signal is.
. How to modulate a signal (both 555 and MCU).
. Sharp GPUX and other type integrated recievers.
. How to NOT use a GPUX (ie use other methods).
. IR for coms (optionally RC5 protocol).
23rd July 2000
. Pulse Width Modulation
. Tachometer feed back.
. Simple Step speed regulation.
. How to do the same things with a micro (HC11).
. PID Control.
30th July 2000
. MOSFETs and H-Bridges.
. Complimentary MOSFET H-Bridge design.
. Design for you to build later.

Some of these tutorials will not involve hands on, however there will be plently to absorb without having a soldering iron around.

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