1999 - Beginners Tutorial

NOTE: All tutorial positions have now been filled as of 3rd March.

The ACS Robotics SIG will be offering a beginners tutorial into robotics. Numbers are limited at this stage to about 4 people only.

WhereGriffith University
Date13th March 1999
Time10:00am - 5:00pm
Cost$40 - $100
(parts only, no other cost is involved)
(leaning more towards the $50 mark)

The tutorial will involve the attendee in building a basic robot, Tutebot. Tutebot's origins are from the book "Mobile Robots : Inspiration to Implementation". Tutebot has been refined by one our members and is a simple robot that can explore it's surroundings, escape from collisions with obstacles, and be programmed to follow walls.

Here is a picture of one TuteBot built with Lego.

Picture from Mobile Robots : Inspiration to Implementation

The tutorial will involve the attendee (being supervisor by a tutor) soldering and assembling the robot together. Previous electronic experience is not necessary.

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