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FAQ and Hotlists

* Yahoo Robotics Resource List
* Link Menu Robotics
* Robotics Internet Resources
* Dallas Personal Robotics Group Links page

Robot Competitions and Games

* Robot Competition FAQ
* BattleBots ®
* RoboCup: The World Cup Robot Soccer

Robot Resources

Instructional Information

* Where Am I? - Sensors and Methods for Autonomous Mobile Robot Positioning

Robot Books

* Robot Books.com - Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots

*"The Robot Builders Bonanza" by Gordon McComb.
This leads you through a whole bunch of projects designed to build up electronic knowledge.

*"Mobile Robots" by Joseph Jones and Anita Flynn.
Has an optional kit to go with it that you can buy. It builds two robots, the second of which - the "Rugwarrior" - is quite advanced.

Robot Equipment

Parts and Kits

* The Handy Board, from MIT
This MC68HC11-based board from MIT is similar to other boards from MIT: the board from the "6.270 Robot Builders Guide" and the Rugwarrior (designed for the book "Mobile Robots"). It runs Interactive C and has a lot of built-in feature such as an LCD panel. Fred Martin (the creator) is also writing a text book called "Robotic Explorations: An Introduction to Engineering and Design" based on the 6.270 Robot Builder's Guide, and this will optionally ship with the Handyboard.

* Lego Mindstorms and the RCX Programmable Microcomputer Brick
Inspired by the MIT Programmable Brick, this commercial product should be available in 1998.

* F1 Controller
An embedded controller based on the MC68HC11F1 microprocessor, designed by Pete Dunster from Wollongong. The design is very modular, and thus very flexible.

* Norland Research - Small Andriod Model (SAM)
SAM was designed to replace converting toys to robots. It is a quick and innovative platform for the robot hobbiest.

* Robot Bilby
These kits are designed for school children and novices. They are controlled from the computer via a cable, and programmed in BASIC

* The Programmable Brick, from MIT
MIT Programmable Brick is a MC68HC11-based controller board (similar to the Handyboard) embedded inside a LEGO brick.

* Robix RCS-6 Robot Construction Set
* Lego Technic
* Lynxmotion Robotic Arm Kit


* RobotOz
Australian supplier of robot kits (Lynxmotion, Cybug, etc)

* DonTronics
Low cost DIY printed circuit boards in Australia and around the world. Range includes various PICs, etc.

* PicBus and StampBus modules
These modules are manufactured in Melbourne. They also have a distributer in the UK.

* The Robot Store
All types of kits available, indexed by price/skill/manufacturer. Sells the Rugwarrior kit that normally comes with the book "Mobile Robots". Based in the United States but sells anywhere.

* iRobot Corporation
iRobot engineers and markets the most innovative research robots, interactive toys, robots for energy & utilities, and robots for commerce and industry. Based in the United States but sells anywhere.

Robots others have built

* Car One (A Stock Car)
* Midnight Stallion (A Stock Car)
* Hornet (A Stock Car)
* Modular Handyboard

Robot Newsgroups

* comp.robotics.misc
* comp.robotics.research

Robot Research


     The 12th Annual IEEE Conference on Mechatronics and Machine Vision in Practice M2VIP 2005
     De La Sale University - Manila, Philippines 29 November - 2 December 2005


* National Centre For Engineering in Agriculture (Mechatronics Projects)


United States

* Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, MIT
* Robotics Group, California Institute of Technology
* Robotics Laboratory, University of Maryland


* Mercury Project, University of Southern California
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