2003 Events Schedule

Date Time What's On Venue
4th Feb 7:00pm TBA TBA
4th Mar 7:00pm TBA TBA
1st Apr 7:00pm TBA TBA
6th May 7:00pm TBA TBA
4th Jun 7:00pm TBA TBA
29th Jun 10:00am-2:00pm Brisbane Robotics SIG Demonstration 
Held during Griffith University Open Day
1st Jul 7:00pm TBA TBA
5th Aug 7:00pm TBA TBA
2nd Sep 7:00pm TBA TBA
7th Oct 7:00pm TBA TBA
4th Nov 7:00pm TBA TBA
2nd Dec 7:00pm TBA TBA


Monthly Meetings

Meetings are designed to increase member knowledge in a friendly social environment. Activities range from guest speakers on specialized topics, to members talking about their robots, to tours of interesting places.


These are a get-together where people can work on their robots, ask advice, check out other people's robots and generally see what's involved in building a robot. Special workshops are also held for beginners to get a start into robotics.


A chance to test your robotics skills! Held as many times a year as possible to make sure your robots are actually being used and progressing.

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