Robot Challenge 1999

The ACS Robotics SIG is proud to bring you the Robot Challenge.

The challenge will be held at Griffith University Nathan Campus, on the 27th of November 1999 (just after uni exams).

This year's event will be held in room 0.06 of the Humanities building at the Nathan Campus of Griffith University. There is an map available.

There will be trophies for the first and second robots in each competition, and a medallion of participation plus certificate for each entrant.

There may also be information stands with robot-related information. Come and browse around!

What happened in 1998.
What happened in 1997.
What happened in 1996.

Timetable for the day:

12.00pmOrganisers arrive and set up tracks, etc
12.30pm Competitors can start calibration/testing on tracks
1.30pm Stock Car Derby
3.00pm Sumo Wrestling
5.00pm BBQ (BYO food, drinks, etc)


Note: To cover cost of prizes, it is a condition of entry that each robot entry pay a small fee (per robot). For financial member of the ACS Robotics SIG the fee is $3, others $10.


* Stock Car Derby

Four autonomous race cars at a time compete against each other for speed! Not only does each car have to give its best, it has to look out for the other competitors or else risk a pileup.

* 1999 Rules and Regulations
* Entrants for this year

* Sumo Wrestling

Based on real Sumo Wrestling rules, your autonomous robot is required to locate and push, flip, roll, shove, throw, hurl, or otherwise remove the opposing robot from a 1.5m ring in the shortest period of time. Originally initiated in Japan, Sumo Wrestling competitions have spread to robotics competions all around the world.

* 1999 Rules and Regulations
* Entrants for this year

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